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Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s announcement of a 2.5 per cent increase in VAT (from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent) wasn’t exactly a decision greeted with joy when the news was first reported back in June. Businesses and consumers alike produced a countrywide collective groan.The action was taken as the government seek to plug deficits in the country’s budget.With the January date, from which the hike comes into effect, quickly looming large the general message is make any potential substantial purchases before January 1st.Electrical supplies, classed as non essential luxury goods such as computers, televisions and lighting systems are amongst the items that will be hit the greatest by the hike in VAT.The jump in the rate of VAT paid on electrical supplies should act as an incentive for many consumers to try and get in the last minute purchases and what could be considered the last type of bargain of its kind.While big items such as freezers and washing machines will because of their high cost undoubtedly get attention when they rise in price, even items considered less significant such as light sockets, plugs and wires will also face the rise.A metal clad connection unit retailing at £10.54 will see an increase of 29p in its overall cost when taking into account the rise to a rate of 20 per cent.A basic 25 metre length of single core cable with an original price (including VAT) of £28.68, with £4.27 of that figure paid as VAT. After the rise comes into effect the VAT figure will stand at £4.88 pushing the overall price up by 61p.Although this might not seem that much, for a basic electrical supply it is. The effects will be felt even more so when bought in bulk.This rise will undoubtedly affect tradesmen such as electricians, so the emphasis on getting electrical supplies and materials in before the rise for the self employed and small businesses alike is quite substantial.It will also affect those looking to make significant changes to their homes, with the rise in VAT prices on electrical goods these plans are likely to be significantly affected.As common sense would dictate, the price of VAT will obviously rise as the cost of the original item does.An oil filled radiator, considerably more expensive would under the current rate cost £139.98, which would give it a VAT rate of £20.85. Under the expected changed rate, VAT would stand at £23.88, a considerable increase of £3.03.On goods over costing over £500 the VAT rate is likely to be near to or over the £100 mark. This is a stark vision that really hits home the necessity of making any potentially costly purchases of electronic goods and electrical supplies now.While Osborne’s budget changes and VAT increases may be despised by most, it has been widespread public knowledge for the past five months. So come January 1st if you’ve not taken advantage of the current rates then there can really be no excuses.

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For most people, they cannot function without the everyday convenience of electronics and modern living. All of this is possible for them because of Electricity. This is true whether people are in homes or businesses. Their areas of work and play all require the service of Energy Suppliers. Without the energy supply that is converted into electricity, many would not be able to function at all. And without a function people to power a Society, people can devolve into the stone age. That’s why the electricity services that all Energy Suppliers provide is very important.The services of Energy Suppliers are already considered as a basic necessity that must be acquired first before building a house. After the house has been built and the services has been recorded by the power company, families can live in relative comfort as most people are already prone to do when they have been deeply immersed in modern living standards. Since many people are already living in areas where electricity is easily delivered through power lines, then their lives are also made easier. Since the most basic unit of a Society is the family, their needs as a group is important for the continued functioning of modern society.For families that are composed of parents and children, they have a larger need for electricity that Energy Suppliers would be more than happy to provide for. Since they have the larger need, this does not mean that the needs of an individual is neglected. The only thing different about the two units is that the consumption of electricity is largely far apart. A large family will always consume far more energy compared to an individual living on their own. As long as individuals have a smaller energy need compared to larger families, their bills will also stay in the low cost range.

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If ever there was ever a mysterious area of vehicle functionality, it’s a scooter’s electrical system. Scooter clutch, variator, CVT belts, even changing scooter brake pads are easy to understand because we can feel, observe, and visualize what’s going on. Big Bore kits and carbuerator implementation; we know that more displacement equals the combustion of more air and fuel for more power. Lowering your scooter level means; less body roll and a lower center of gravity bring better handling. Racing brake rotors mean more surface area to distribute heat and less brake fade. Pre-ignition alongside elevated exhaust gas temperatures? Add more fuel. Simple.But this is not the case in the world of electronics, where everything happens at the speed of light, by subatomic particles that announce their presence only when shorting things out, or wires catching on fire. Or aftermarket products promising to do wonders for your scooter electrical system. After all, if you can’t tell how well something is working, you can’t say for sure whether product actually makes a difference on your scooter performance. But that’s why we’re here. We learn from each others mistakes. Scooters have been around for a while, I’m quite sure you know that. But what you don’t know is that scooter aftermarket parts continue to be in development. So the question still stands; Can a voltage stabilizer increase power and torque?Well, we read so much on the topic. I know for a fact that every high-tech motorcycle and high-end scooter companies that are building aftermarket racing parts seem to be manufacturing voltage stabilizers. But no one really explains how they work, just that installing them will make your motorcycle, or high scooter (not to mention ATV) perform better. But everyone online seem to talk about them as they don’t know. Do they work? How do they work? And are they worth their price?Voltage Stabilizers Installed On Racing Motorcycles and High End Scooters. A few weeks ago, I read four articles of the market’s most popular Japanese racing motorcycle/ high-end scooter voltage stabilizers were put to the test. But wait, let us first take a moment to understand not be confused with grounding systems that supplement a motorcycles battery and frame grounds. Voltage stabilizers-sometimes called “condensers”-attach directly to a motorcycle battery at the positive and negative terminals, and purport to regulate the flow of electricity running from a motorcycle battery to its electrical components, smoothing idle, improving output from headlights, HID Lights, LED Lights and audio equipment (if any), increasing battery life, and improving combustion efficiency for increased power/torque and decreased emissions.The first thing to remember is that some performance batteries act like a big voltage stabilizer already. Electricity generated from the stator is sent to the battery and electrical devices as needed. During periods of low electrical draw (headlights, audio, for example), excess electricity generated by the alternator charges the battery rather than passing through the system. But when the demand of a racing motorcycle or high-end scooter electrical system outweighs what the stator (or alternator) can generate (during low idle, and/or high electrical draw, for example), electricity is discharged from the battery in the amounts needed to pick up the slack. The problem is that a traditional lead-acid battery can’t switch from charge to discharge rapidly enough to quell small-scale voltage fluctuations or electrical “noise” that can adversely affect a motorcycle or high-end scooter electrical components. There are only a few advanced (expensive) batteries that can do a near-perfect job of stabilizing rouge current, but in any event-say the makers of voltage stabilizer kits-there’s a lot to be gained by adding an aftermarket system of capacitors to the mix.Are you convinced now? I sure am. I believe that a volt stabilizer can work and help improve performance on your motorcycle or scooter. If it works for cars, it should work for scooters. Get more information as to where you can purchase a voltage stabilizer for your scooter: http://scooterchromeparts.com/#/battery-stabilizer/4553609768